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martes, 24 de abril de 2012

The boys and girls of 5th are making a project about healthy and unhealthy food.
Here some photos

martes, 17 de abril de 2012


Hi girls and boys of 6th. You finished the greek gods projects.Congratulations to everybody.
 YOU DID AN EXCELLENT WORK. Afrodite, Athena and Kratos will go to the Caribean Sea.

 AFRODITE by Laura Ródenas,Raquel Hurtado and Latifa Abdessamie. 6th

DESCRIPTION Afrodite was beautiful,tall and thin. She had long orange curly hair. She had small dark eyes.

 DATES Afrodite´s husband was Faeton and they had a son named Astinoa. Afrodite´s father was Zeus. Afrodite was the goddess of love, lust, beauty and sex.

 MOTIVES She must win because we have worked hard so you will learn some more about this goddess.

 ATHENA by María Fernández, Mario Vega and Alba Grau. 6th

DESCRIPTION Athena had long brown curly hair and she had big green eyes. She was beautiful, intelligent and young.

 DATES Athena was a goddess of Greek mythology. She was the goddess of war, wisdom and arts. Her father was Zeus and she was Zeus favourite daughter. She didn´t have a mother. She wore an armour and a helmet.

 MOTIVE You should vote to Athena because was the most intelligent.

 KRATOS by Aarón Fenoll, Cristian Sancristobal and Juan Carlos Jimenez. 6th

DESCRIPTION Kratos was very brave, strong and intelligent. He had big brown eyes. He didn´t have hair. He had white skin.

 DATES Kratos was the god of the war. His dad was Palas and his mum was Estiga. He had two sisters Bia and Nike.

 MOTIVES You should vote to Kratos because he is a good protector of the gods.

 ARES by Justine Burnhan and Djamel Benmostefa 6th

DESCRIPTION Ares was tall and strong. He was brave and intelligent. He had short brown curly hair. He had blue eyes.

 DATES Ares was the god of the war. His father was Zeus and his mother was Hera. He wasn´t a good warrior. Athena won twice.

 MOTIVE Ares should win because was the god of war.

 POSEIDON by Nayara Pérez, Laila Minaoui and Rosa Mª Terrones. 6th

DESCRIPTION Poseidon had long white straight hair. He had big, blue eyes. He had a beard. He was intelligent, strong and brave.

 DATES Poseidon was son of Cronos and he was brother of Zeus, Hades, Hera and Demeter. The wife of Poseidon was a waternymph. His favourite weapon was a trident. It was a gift of Cyclopes to fight. The trident could move the waters.

 MOTIVES We want you vote Poseidon because he will protect our seas and oceans.

ZEUS by Eva Llopis, Claudia Pop and Ángel García. 6th

DESCRIPTION Zeus was strong and brave. He was tall. He had big blue eyes. He had long grey and straight hair. He had a white beard.

 DATES Zeus was the king of the gods. He was the husband of Hera and Cronos was his son.

 MOTIVES You should vote for Zeus because he was the most powerful god.

 HELIOS by Jairo Motos and José Tomás Parra. 6th

 DESCRIPTION He was tall, strong and intelligent. He had long, blond and red curly hair. He had small green eyes.

DATES He was the god of the sun. He saw and knew everything. He was drowned by the titans and saved by Zeus. Zeus gave Helio four white horses with a gold car.

HERMES by Henry Orquiola and David Toledano. 6th

DESCRIPTION Hermes was handsome, strong and young. He had short brown curly hair and big green eyes.

DATES Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maya, one of the Pleiades daughter of Atlas. Born in a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia, Hermes was a messenger. He was the protector of traveleres, speakers, athletes, merchants, thieves and ruffiants too.

MOTIVES If you vote for Hermes you will be protected!!!

POSEIDON by Ismael Navarrete and Óscar Ruíz. 6th

DESCRIPTION Poseidon was strong and brave. He had long grey hair. He had dark eyes.

 DATES Poseidon was the god of the sea in Greek mythology. He was a son fo Cronus and Rhea. He was drowned by Cronus at birth but later saved with his other brothers and sisters by Zeus.

 MOTIVES He must win because he was powerful and we have worked very much.